48 Hours

48 Hours in Taipei

Three times in 5 years, Taiwan is a favorite spot for me to visit, and I’m itching to explore it some more. But if you’ve only got a weekend (the horror!) to spare in Taiwan for some R&R and it’s your first time there, here’s what you can do in 48 hours.

City at night

Seoul Searching

South Korea’s capital has a mixed reputation among visitors. M Derui decided to gauge the vibe for himself in the home of kimchi, K-pop and K-art.


Sri Lanka in a Nutshell

Sri Lanka is beautiful with so much to offer. Find out how you can get the best of the country in just three places.


Seoul Searching

The Koreans call their capital the ‘Miracle of the Han’ – an apt description, seeing as Seoul has repeatedly managed to survive the horrors of war. The city takes great pride in rebuilding itself every decade, and is undoubtedly an exciting destination whether you are here on business or pleasure.

manila feature

Mad About Manila

It’s a pity that Manila is often disparaged, as there’s actually much to like about the city. All the adjectives often associated with the Philippines –jovial, laid-back, passionate, casual, shambolic – manifested here more than anywhere else in the country.

jaipur beautiful buildings

Perfect In Pink

With its perfect blend of the historic, the cultural and the modern, it is no surprise to visitors past that Jaipur – affectionately known as the Pink City – is always cited as a must-visit destination on any trip to India.

Andaman Adventure Blue Sky

Andaman Adventure

Boasting stunning limestone cliffs and surrounded by sparkling, turquoise waters, the southern Thai town of Krabi is a tropical paradise in more ways than one.